My name is Faith Wise and I am the founder of Gladly Gluten Free

I have a degree in restaurant administration from Oklahoma State University while my husband has a degree in Nutritional Sciences—the perfect combination!

I believe in convenience first, and have worked very hard to create a course that works for every gluten-free soul. YOU deserve to have the recipes and tutorials based around everything you consume WITHOUT having to waste all your time and money on recipes that don’t turn out and gross tasting store bought brands.

My Story


Ever since I was a little girl…

I’ve had a huge passion for food. I LOVE being in the kitchen cooking, baking, and eating.

BUT I know that not everyone has the time in their schedules to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen every week. That is why I am here to help!

I discovered I have celiac disease 8 years ago, meaning I can’t eat gluten! This explained so much for me—all the sickness, hives, and the ongoing stomach pain. All I could think though, is why me?? I love food more than anyone and I am the least picky eater ever! (Really, I’ll eat anything!) This began to crush all my dreams of cooking. If I can’t taste the recipes I create, then what’s the point of creating them??



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Beginning to buy gluten free boxed food at the store and basically any gluten free food? IT WAS HORRIBLE! I became discouraged and reached the settling state. I was miserable with all the new foods I was restricted to and now nothing I made that was gluten free turned out right.


Even finding gluten free recipe blogs—some were great, but it was a hit or miss… a lot of them were lies and just didn’t turn out like the picture and didn’t taste like the description….


I was NOT okay with settling—

I was determined to begin my next 7 year journey dedicated to trial and error until I could figure it out! Gluten free and non-gluten free people believe that this diet is gross and inconvenient.

I have dedicated my time to proving this theory WRONG!

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I am so lucky to have a mom that had the time and money to spend on me when we found out I had celiac disease. She began this journey with me spending countless days in the kitchen and endless amounts of food being thrown out—failure after failure, ingredient after ingredient, time after time, we slowly began to learn what to use for what.

THIS is why I am here for YOU! Not everyone has the time to spend on trial and error until they want to rip their hair out because nothing works until the 8th time of purchasing flour and pastas and ingredients. Not everyone has the MONEY to constantly throw gross food out that didn’t turn out like your old recipes did, or snacks that taste like cardboard. So much money goes STRAIGHT down the drain for 5-10 years due to a lack of resources and knowledge of what to buy and how to make it convenient for YOU!



Let me tell you… I LOVE homemade cinnamon rolls.

I think they are the most fun thing to make AND yummiest thing to eat. All the way from starting up that mixer, to rolling up the dough, to putting that flaky, warm, sweet bite in your mouth, they are 100% satisfying.

I will never forget the day we FINALLY discovered how to perfectly make the dough. One of the most exciting things of my life was being able to roll up that dough flawlessly—we couldn’t BELIEVE it was a gluten free creation.

As we anticipated the turn out of those beautiful, cinnamon glazed rolls, we came to discover the truth.

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The truth


I ate those warm cinnamon rolls with happy tears in my eyes and a cheesy grin on my face. Not only did I have a cinnamon roll recipe…….. I knew I now have a recipe for making any sweet dough! Believe me, this dough is PERFECT.

I regret believing the LIE that eating gluten free wouldn’t ever be amazing or easy for my busy life! This motivation turned into the start of figuring out all the tips and tricks both you and I NEED for being gluten free.

My favorite recipes are the holiday ones—you don’t have time to make gluten free things that might turn out bad during holiday seasons!

Save yourself—I got you.